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Last year marked the first year that we didn’t release a short drama film. This was quite an odd experience for us, though there were numerous reasons for this.

Men Can’t Make Beds took much longer to get through post-production than any of us had originally anticipated. For a number of reason beyond our control, it’s taken us until now to make this happen. At the same time, I was conscious that starting another short film whilst the last one was still pending release was a bad idea, as I was extremely keen and committed to finish making Men Can’t Make Beds. So, I’m extremely pleased to announce now that the film is now completed and ready for release. Leigh and I have been busy designing a collection of material for marketing purposes, and Leigh is now deep in festival research land. This month we will be holding the cast and crew screening and party and then the first official public release of Men Can’t Make Beds will be at the Borderlines Film Festival in March 2013 (date to be confirmed).

For now, you can view the teaser trailer here…

Even though we weren’t able to release a short film in 2012 – we did, however, release a number of music videos. This has been an area that I’ve been keen to explore ever since I started out as a filmmaker. We’re slowly building a reasonable portfolio of work and have now already booked in six more music videos for the beginning of 2013 – With a further seven looking to be booked very soon. So expect to see much more of this on the website. I think my favorite of the year has to be the work that we did with the great band Fitz. – In Particular, the video for ‘Caves’ marked a celebratory moment for us, as it was our first official music release via iTunes. You can purchase the ‘Caves’ single here, or watch the video below…

Another video that’s worth noting is one directed by one of our regular Camera Assistants, Jack Parton. Jack kindly directed the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of the shoot for ‘Caves’. The video can be seen beneath…

So, other than music videos – What’s new for us in 2013. Short answer – More short films! We’re currently going back to one that we were hoping to shoot last year, Always Meet Me Here. Details of start dates are unclear at the moment, but Leigh and I are meeting with everyone involved to get the ball rolling on pre-production. For me as a director, it needs to be the best film I’ve made so far. It needs to stand out much more than any of our other work. And it will. We all love the script, it has quite a unique style and we’re hoping to really play with that with both the visual and sound design of the film. I’m incredibly excited to start on another adventure.

Another thing you’ll all be seeing more of, are blog posts! I used to be a regular blogger, but let it slip over the last year… So, there will be regular updates on our work, our experiences and the good times of 2013.

Happy New Year folks, may it be filled with adventures for everyone…

With Best Wishes,

Dave & the Wind-Up World Films Crew

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